Do what you can.

Running this website has no means of generating income or anything that will give me material gains, but it’s my nerdy way of being able to journal out my days in a presentable way. One that’s both relatable to everyone and also uniquely my own.

How’s the cab? It’s… going!

I’ve got a slew of packages with new parts waiting to get installed, but it’ll have to wait for now. I’ve been busy with personal matters so it is taking up my time at the moment. Come around next week (7/15/2023), I plan to get mostly everything fitted. There are some things I still have to do with the car before I think about driving it again:

  • Complete ompression test, confirm that the head gasket was not seriously damaged
  • Fitting the new temp sensor into the cabin, make a mounting spot in the other AC vent
  • Create a fuel return line, plan and execute
  • Clean old electrical routing and wiring, confirm headlight relays work
  • Test thermoswitch

When these are done we can focus on the cooling:

  • Install new radiator
  • Install new thermoswitch
  • Install all hoses
  • Fill and bleed with distilled water
  • Fill with G12 coolant

While the car is on jack stands

  • Run the return fuel line
  • Replace parking brake cables, calibrate in future
  • Tighten shift linkage slop

Lastly, with the engine and fuel system, let’s make some changes:

  • Change needle jet from position 4 to position 3, remove the shim
  • Clean throttle bodies
  • Reinstall fuel bowls, blue threadlocker
  • Remove valve cover, inspect valve shim clearances. Order new shims later, $4 x 8 = $32. HI shipping… $45?