Civic Si - The New Daily

You mean ANOTHER car??

Yes… unfortunately.

All right, update time.

6 months since my last post, I just got my “new” 2007 Audi A3… but after a few months, things went downhill from there.

Knowing I needed to put some work into the Audi, it was reasonable for me to buy it because I have worked on cars enough to the point that I felt it was fine to do some of the repairs. While I was able to keep up for a bit, two project cars, long nights of diagnosis on weekdays, and trying to find parts online and in-person for my cars became more of a chore than a joy.

I did not find myself enjoying my cars at all! I dreaded driving them for the fear of not being able to drive around. I did not want to continue trying to work with 2 project cars, where 1 of them was my daily, so I had to pivot and take a loss.

Sold the Audi… but not before buying the replacement!

Enter the Civic

On the hunt for another car, I was mildly excited but mostly mortified. I did not want to buy another dud, so I went with the dealership to find my next car. I figure I can dig myself a hole with a newer car OR dig myself a massive hole with another used car.

My requirements were:

  • reliable
  • not stupid
  • not terribly slow
  • not an SUV
  • still hotboy-esque

  • Reliability for the obvious reason that I don’t want to deal with wrenching on my daily.
  • Not stupid means no Nissan Jukes or Subaru Bajas
  • Not terribly slow, we are making some decent money and while it may not be the smartest financial move all around, cars make up a chunk of my quality of life. I would sacrifice money spent in entertainment, shopping, and food expenses to pay for my car. You can’t be making decisions solely around the Top 5 Money Moves When You Turn 30! because what’s the point of living through it if you’re not going to enjoy yourself. In time, I would rather enjoy the good memories more than regret the missed opportunities.
  • Not an SUV… no one really needs that much car. Families? Sure, but you can do just fine with a hatchback or estate (wagon). Or who knows, I don’t have kids. LOL.
  • Still hotboy-esque… this is why I don’t have kids. I’m the kid.

And where did we end up? With a 2019 Honda Civic Si Coupe in Crystal Black Pearl.