CAD Parts

Intake Manifold Flange (DO NOT USE holes)

Custom Intake Flange

Custom Intake Flange Post

JH Intake Manifold to ZX6R Intake gaskets, JH head to ZX6R carburetors OnShape CAD File - Carb intake manifold parts

  • Draft 1 results: Holes are NOT correctly lined up as I am 2mm off center. If you find this part as of 4/20/2022, eliminate the holes and drill according to your own JH head using an intake manifold gasket.

Radiator shroud

Radiator shroud draft, drawing not to scale

Radiator Shroud Post

  • Draft 1 results: Mostly works! Needs a bit of bending, holes need to be drilled.

This is a draft part! You could use it on your mk1, but it will need modification where the bends and cuts are for the metal inserts.

Material: steel or stainless steel. Aluminum would break if you don’t bend it well.